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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to do the job right the first time. In the end, everyone wins when the applications we write are stable, reliable and accurate – but that is not enough. The application must be useful — so the first step is always to listen long and carefully to our customers before beginning development! It is only after we understand your needs that we can begin the task of developing your business solutions.

When we do begin to write your application, we code to the highest of standards, using naming conventions, error handling, and proper database normalization (which in layman’s terms means getting the data laid out and organized in the best, most maintainable fashion possible). The details would excite only a programmer, but the tangible results of our efforts is happiness – your happiness.

Behind every website, database or application you can almost always find code and data – and the quality of the code and database design that you find there is a great predictor of project success. Because of the quality of our work, our applications live surprisingly long.

True Story…
We once developed a prototype application which worked so well, the client never did get around to doing a “final” version of the application. And today, 6 years later, that little Microsoft Access 95 “proof of concept” application is still the tool that they use to make top-line production forecasts involving millions of dollars. Not that we’d recommend MS Access 95 today! But the point here is that the application is so stable and reliable, nobody has seen fit to re-write it yet. That is what you can count on from our team at Wellspring Technology.

Hear From Our Customers

"Wellspring Technology has provided us with superior database programming services since 1999. Our database tool is used to plan complex medical equipment technology for large hospital construction projects. Wellspring has worked with us on an on-going basis to constantly improve our work process efficiency and our ability to manipulate and report data. Their professionalism and devotion to excellence is second to none."

Pat Walsh
Walsh Consulting Group, Inc.

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